Museum and meeting room

Once through the entrance we find ourselves in the museum. Panels with texts and photographs show an outline of the development of chess and Max Euwe's career. Glass cases display various objects from Euwe's chess inheritance. Chess sets from all over the world give an indication of the variety in chessmen through the ages. A splendid sight!


Exhibitions succeed each other on a regular basis. Additionally, our centre organizes extramural exhibitions, for instance in other musea, institutions, companies, shopping centres, etc.

On top of this the museum accommodates a large collection of photographs related to chess tournaments, matches and such. A number of these can be considered unique. On request, individual- or group-guided tours are provided.



MEC's attention for the history of chess finds expression in its videotheque as well. In the meeting room adjacent to the museum a dvd-player and monitor have been set up. MEC has obtained dvd's of the earliest chess films; visual material of rare, historical value; recordings of a more recent date are also available.

The walls of the meeting room have been fitted with a portrait gallery of female and male world champions. Beside these, photos are exhibited of the Dutch grandmasters after Euwe. Under the watchful eyes of these celebrities you can play a game of chess.

Through the meeting room we enter our

Library, as well as study centre

Max Euwe Centrum

An institute unparallelled in the world of chess

Hundreds of thousands of people in the Netherlands play chess or are interested in one of its numerous aspects. Some 20,000 have been organized: they belong to a chess club. Quite a few people have found the way to the Max Euwe-Centrum, but many have no idea at all of its facilities and possibilities.


Perhaps you would like to know more about the technical aspects of chess, or delve into chess literature yourself, or attend a chess course. Or maybe you are interested in the long history of chess, in the games of the old international masters, in problem- and computer chess, correspondence chess, endgames, chess and artificial intelligence, chess and psychology, chess and art history, chess and philately, to mention a few aspects.

Of course one can explore the field oneself, un-doubtedly a fascinating voyage of discovery. However, it is much easier to pay a visit to the Max Euwe-Centrum sometime. You will be surprised at what our centre has to offer. It is unparalleled in the world.
Our expert staff members are quite willing to show you around and will gladly answer your questions.

In preparation to your future, or renewed, visit to the Max Euwe-Centrum we will take you on a guided tour through 'our home' so as to make you rapidly feel at home (again) in familiar surroundings. During this (guided) tour we will tell you about our main activities.

The Max Euwe-Centrum is found at the Max Euweplein 30-a in Amsterdam, between the Leidseplein and the Vondelpark. From the Vondelpark side it is reached via the Donnerbrug.

On entering the building we would like to tell you something about:


Max Euwe Centrum
Max Euweplein 30a
1017 MB Amsterdam
+31 20 6257017